M.anifest - The Birds x The Beats

Tracks 2 CheckO

Golly Gosh
D'angelo Said (Africa Re-fix)
Get Away (Shafiq-Husayn Re-fix)

Artists Message:

"the Birds and the Beats" was previously a full length of 14 original tracks i was going to release commercially. It's now a 16 track digital-only album - 14 original tracks and 2 re-interpretations of a D'angelo track and a Shafiq Husayn (Sa-Ra) track. It's me and my musical team's gift you!

In return all i ask is for folks to support a cause! To consider making a gift to Young Entrepreneurs Africa (YE,A), a nonprofit empowering underprivileged youth in the motherland to turn proverbial lemons into lemonade.
www.yea-online.org .

Peace & respect,

M.anifest + Linear Notes

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