Error Broadcast Collective 09 Beat Tape

For the producer, a beat tape functions like a black book for the graffiti writer: he develops his skills, he adventures himself to unknown artistic territory. The beat juggler compiles ideas, drafts and loops in a beat tape. Do not expect full-grown songs. The beauty of a beat tape lies in the incomplete.

The first installation in a series of beat tapes here at Error Broadcast is ABC Alphabeat, a compilation of raw and unpolished scribblings from Boom Bap to Wonky Rap, Dubstep and textural electronic music.

Behind ABC Alphabeat is three young German Rap cats, namely Swede:art, A-rec and Fuer.steps. While you might have heard of sir Swede:art for his Monday Jazz mix or his feature on Mishoo the Drumkit’s recent EP and A-rec who popped up in a Lucky Me mix, fella Fuer.steps is pretty virgin to the scene.


"Rap cats at heart who have extended their sounds to that new new that we have yet to define (as usual). That je ne sais quoi, anything goes as long as you stay on rhythm shit. Bottom line, it's a great listen (as always)."


"Awesome wonky, distorted beats, the peeps at Error Broadcast have put together another exceptional release with excellent consistency through out."


"Do not sleep on these dudes. This beat tape is very heavy. (…)"


"This is absolutly amazing - Error Broadcast is back with another dope release! (…)"


"Das ist keine leichtverdauliche Kost, aber pures Glück für Genießer. Überhaupt lohnt es sich, häufiger bei Error Broadcast reinzuschauen (…)"


Get to know these kids and re-learn your ABC! You won’t regret.

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