Dan Aikido - A Dan Aikdo Blends

Long Time, No Sugar (Brown Sugar - D' Angelo)
Common 2 Opensouls (The Corner - Common)
Fuel 4 Troy's Fire (They Reminiscence Over You - Pete Rock & CL Smooth)
Dilla Soul Glow (Much More - De La Soul)
Ta-Lib-Illa-Docious (Listen - Talib Kweli)
Runnin' 2 Get Some (Runnin - The Pharcyde)
Tribes Re:Born (Check The Rhyme - A Tribe Called Quest)
Lyall Bay Globetrotter (????)
What They Do To Get Up (What They Do - The Roots)
4 Music Spinnas (????)
Takes Is Fly (Stakes Is High - De La Soul)


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