Sonar Festival 15th Birthday after party


The official closing party at Row14. Sunday 22th from 6pm

It is Sónar's fifteenth anniversary, and to celebrate, the festival continues on Sunday with a closing party in the new club Row14.

Sonar15 is being celebrated in style, and supported by the most highly regarded Spanish and international selectors. From deep house to instrumental hip-hop, from cubist electro to emo-techno and tons of funk, disco and impossible breaks … everything that a good party needs.

Two rooms with a non-stop programme from 18.00 onwards, and numerous chill out and open air spaces to round off Sonar2008 in the best possible atmosphere.

Room 1
Radio Slave (Rekids/UK)
Ewan Pearson (Misericord/UK)
Radioactive Man (Control Tower / UK)
Efdemin (Dial / GER)
Ángel Molina (SónarMusic / ES)
Nacho Marco (Loudeast / ES)

Room 2
Buraka Som Sistema DJs (Enchufada / PT)
DJ 2D2 + Griffi (Del Palo / E)
Spacek Sound System (!k7 / UK)
Onra (Label Rouge / FR)
Take (Inner Current / US)
Hudson Mohawke (Warp / UK)
xxxchange (Spank Rock / US)

In the new club Row14, a magnificent setting with 2 dance floors, indoor and outdoor, as well as gardens and balconies. Row14 is located on the Autovía de Castelldefels C31 motorway, at kilometre 12.6 (Viladecans, Barcelona).

How to get there?
Row14 is 14 kilometres (15 minutes) from the centre of Barcelona and just 5 minutes from the Airport.

Bus from Barcelona to Row14
From 21:00 to 03:00, return from Plaça Catalunya (corner with Portal de l´Àngel). Every 30 mins.
From 04:00 to 06:00, return only from Row14 to the Plaça Espanya Metro.
1€ per trip

Ver mapa

From 6pm to 6am

Tickets | Prices
In advance and at ticket offices before 22:00h: 20€
At ticket offices after 22:00h: 25€

Ticket sales
On-line: www.row14.es y www.ticktackticket.com

At normal Tick Tack Ticket network sales outlets

At Row14 ticket offices


Radio Slave (Rekids/UK)
Matt Edwards takes techno to rave territory based on hypnotic repetitions, thick bass lines and an abrupt and dark sound design. Radio Slave has created its own universe between bleep, minimal and the disco sound.

Ewan Pearson (Misericord/UK)
The most reliable remixer of recent years is also very good at doing what everyone else is doing - producing, writing, managing labels and of course, elegantly DJing the deepest tracks of today's tech-house.

Radiactive Man (Control Tower / UK)
Keith Tenniswood, 50% of Two Lone Swordsmen, also hides behind his own Radioactive Man alias to shape contemporary electro. An expert in robotic sounds, his live shows are on the heavier side of the eighties sound.

Efdemin (Dial / GER)
Efdemin is a master of soft techno, without heavy touches, with some deep house hints and a couple of brushstrokes of trance. If you add all that to memorable melodies, you are looking at one of the great talents of emo-techno.

Angel Molina (SónarMusic / ES)
The doyen of Spanish DJs is not slackening the pace and is still one of the selectors with the best taste on the scene. There is nothing that is not fed into his rhythm shredder - Angel Molina knows today's techno like the back of his hand.

Nacho Marco (Loudeast / ES)
Whether at the head of Loudeast Records or working as a hired gun on Freerange, Valencia's Nacho Marco has become the most international benchmark in Spanish house. He takes to textures and elegant rhythms like a fish to water.

DJ 2D2 + Griffi (Del Palo / ES)
Two hip-hop nonconformists, head to head once again. DJ 2D2 and Griffi share a taste for unpredictable beats, the more psychedelic and funkier side of rap, and when they get together they bring out the strangest beats from four decks.

Spacek Sound System (!k7 / UK)
This name hides one of the DJs that best represents the new wave of hip-hop rhythm scientists: Jay Scarlett, the man behind the essential Beat Dimensions and Morgan Spacek, responsible for the rhythms that have made Spacek a cult group anong fans of the most cutting edge soul.

Onra (Label Rouge / FR)
Onra is the latest sensation in the instrumental hip-hop popular in France. The natural heir to the Parisian DJ Cam, his beats are a fusion of soul and traditional Chinese Music - a mixture that is as entertaining as it is surprising.

Take (Inner Current / USA)
Another batch of a generation of psychedelic beatmakers that will make history has arrived from California. Fooling in the footsteps of J Dilla, Daedelus and Flying Lotus, Take takes hip-hop to deep and beautiful astral areas.

Buraka Som Sistema DJs (Enchufada / PT)
Buraka Som Sistema will be for the kuduro sound of Angola what Diplo is to Rio de Janeiro funk - the disseminators of the fever, those responsible for bringing the jewel of the Third World to the masses of the first. Electro, house, rap and African rhythms in perfect harmony.

Hudson Mohawke (Warp / UK)
Hud Mo is the latest big surprise from the British underground, with a sound halfway between R&B and IDM, or to put it another way, between the sexiest part of black music and the most cubist end of European electronica. He is working on an album to be released on Warp this year.

xxxchange (Spank Rock / US)
If Naeem Juwan is Spank Rock's rapper, xxxchange is the producer, and that means he is the man responsible for the most sparkling combination of hip hop, electro, indie and downright dirty funk that has been heard this decade. Pure party.

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