Struck By Sample retro quality Coultrain Vs Jan hammer

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up-and-coming singer from the St Louis scene, and one with a really unique sort of sound! The album's a wonderful debut effort -- far more mature and complex than you might expect, 

with a really cosmic feel that's somewhere between 70s spacey soul and some of the more future-thinking work from the recent Detroit scene & Heres one of the reason why check both tracks out wouldnt have believed it till my manz Take From L.A put me on to the original from 1977. 

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To pop music fans, keyboardist Jan Hammer is best known for his work on the soundtrack of the stylish '80s cop series Miami Vice.

But Hammer also achieved considerable success in the jazz fusion world, both on his own and as a charter member of John McLaughlin's legendary Mahavishnu Orchestra.

Though jazz purists often decry major portions of his solo work, Hammer has undeniably left his mark, both musically and commercially.

A native of Prague, in what was then Czechoslovakia, Hammer was born into a musical family (on April 17, 1948) and began studying piano at age four.

By age 14, he was working with a touring and recording jazz ensemble that also included future Weather Report member Miroslav Vitous.

Hammer studied theory and composition at the Prague Academy of Muse Arts, but when the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968, he emigrated to the U.

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